About us

arrowsUFN is different - that is the premise under which UFN was founded.  

We are a network of self governing members. Rather than being ruled from the top down, we establish governing boards which establish the network's rules and regulations.

Our mission is to bring together professional independent Freight Forwarders from all over the world, members who know best what they want from their network and who will actively contribute to move their network into that direction.

In addition to that, we want to create more potential for these "like minded" companies for business opportunities though global networking with pre-screened associates, and as such, we constantly seek new reliable members to cover the whole world.

We organize an annual conference for our members and interested parties, to provide the opportunity to "Meet with the World" at one venue in one single trip.

Instead of buying ten airplane tickets to 10 different places, you can arrange to meet with your business partners and friends annually at a centrally located venue in a pleasant setting.

Our members are hand picked, throroughly screened professional freight forwarding enterprises with a reputation for excellence in their markets. We focus on small to medium sized, owner operated businesses, as in our experience, those are the firms most able to satisfy our high requirements for excellence and customer service.