The UFN difference

UFN is different - How?

Our approach to networking is new and unique. 

We don't want another network that is ruled from the top down. The members of those networks have to accept the owners' rules and live by them or get out of that network.

Add to this that most network owners have no idea of freight forwarding, no exposure to the industry and your are stuck with someone who can speak well, but has no concept of what the members really need or want.

UFN IS DIFFERENT... Our network was founded as a "self-rule" network. Our members make policy through governing boards guided by Founding Members.
The governing boards then come up with proposals to be discussed and voted on by the membership. Being a privately owned network our owner does have a Veto right, but coming from a forwarding background no logical proposal will receive a veto.

Our concept is truly unique. No other network currently in existence offers this much self government. 

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