Members Benefits

Here are some of the most important benefits of joining our network:


  • Annual Conferences
    We organize annual conferences for our members and interested parties to provide the opportunity to "Meet the World" at one venue in one single trip. These like-minded companies get together, exchange ideas and build even more trust through face to face meetings. Trust is one of the most important items in international business.

  • Exclusive representation of a market
    We believe that too much competition is not healthy. Therefore we limit the number of allowable members per market depending on the size of the respective market.
    So if you are tired of being one of ten or more companies, you found the right place for you to be, and it is called the United Forwarders Network.

  • "Hand picked" members
    Our team is working very hard to find the best and most reliable freight forwarders, who want to build something together and enjoy the possibilities that a group like that has to offer. We declined a lot of applications because we were not sure if the given company would fit into our "idea" and niveau. We basically focus on small to medium sized, owner operated businesses with excellent customer service.

  • Newsletters
    We are distributing newsletters and sending out to our members regularly. These include industry news, network information and other important information to keep you up to date..   

  • Members Receivables Protection
    By mandate of our members, UFN has created a member financed Receivables Protection Program. The final version of this program was discussed, voted on and implemented during our 2014 conference in Istanbul, Turkey. 
    Contact us for more information on the RPP and make it a "must have" on your network selection checklist....