Membership Rules


1.  Members must be privately owned, owner involved firms in the Freight Forwarding industry, established
     at least 2 years prior to joining the UFN network.
2.  Members can only sign up owned and operated branch offices. Agents or PO Box addresses are not accepted.

3.  While not mandatory in order to maintain membership, members are encouraged to support other UFN members
     with routings and sales support.

4.  Members undertake business with other UFN membes for their own account and at their own risk.
     UFN neither profits from any business undertaken between the members, nor does UFN accept any responsibility
     for any losses or defaults incurred by the membership. 

5.  UFN members are free to join other forwarding networks, however we reserve the right to exclude a member, who 
     has taken up a leading role, i.e. a position on the board of another network.

6.  Membership Fees are for 1 full year (365 days). Fees are due 10 days after invoice date.  

7.  Conference participation is mandatory to maintain membership. Members who miss 2 consequtive conferences 
     may be removed from the network.

8.  Termination of membership shall occur with immediate effect if or when:
   a)   the member resigns from the network
   b)   UFN management (incl. UFN Board) determines that the member is unable to perform to the benefit of the UFN membership
   c)   the member grossly violates the "Rules of Conduct" of the UFN network.